Krim Times hits Amazon best-seller list


My first story, Krim Times, hit the Amazon best-seller list today for my category, Science Fiction and Fantasy short reads.

It broke into the top 100 this morning, then moved up to 52, and, as I write this, is at number 40.

I’m infinitely grateful to all my readers, and the people who’ve supported me along the way.

Now, I’ve noticed since the book has gone live, that a bunch of sections I should have included aren’t there.

Such as the acknowledgments page.

I will fix that this weekend!

Meanwhile, here is the section that should have been in the book (and will be, on Sunday):


I’ve been planning to write fiction for years, but it was through the support — and butt-kicking — of artist and writer Tatiana Minina that I finally got organized enough to sit down and write. You are a miracle worker, and I wish you all the best in your current book project!

Claudia Gere, a book coach based in Western Massachusetts, taught me that novels are written in layers. This was eye-opening information for me, and finally put me on the right path. She is an excellent mentor and I recommend her to any aspiring author, for both fiction and non-fiction.

Bill Marcus, a journalist I met while running a news bureau in Shanghai, has been a rock in my life for over ten years. His support has been full and non-judgemental, and I’m grateful.

My daughter, Anastasia, finished several novels while I was still dithering around. She did it while working in addition to taking full course loads in topics like graduate level quantum physics, maintaining a rich social life, and learning new sports. I’m amazed that I’m related to her.

Lawrence Pierce has been supporting my writing about virtual worlds since 2010. In recent years, he’s helped preserve my sanity by taking on the difficult and thankless task of moderating reader comments. Now, he’s volunteered to read my reviews, as well. The Internet is a scary place, folks! Gatekeepers are wonderful people and don’t get enough credit for the work they do.

I also want to thank my other family members, including Basil, Kate, and Alex, for driving me around when my car’s at the mechanic’s, for taking care of the house when I’m away, and in general for providing the support I need to pursue my dreams.

Finally, the readers of Hypergrid Business — none of this would be possible without you. The support I’ve received from the OpenSim community has been astounding. Whether or not OpenSim evolves into the foundational technology of the virtual reality metaverse, you are the people who creating the future. I’m glad to say I knew you when.

Thank you.