Speculative Fiction Mastermind Group

I’m starting a mastermind group. The idea is to meet weekly with other people working on writing and publishing speculative fiction, via Google Meet video chat, to set goals and help overcome challenges.

I’ve been in several mastermind groups in the past — for nonfiction writing and for entrepreneurship and for creative writing — and they’ve all been extremely helpful for my career.

However, I live in the middle of nowhere and the group I’m looking to be in now is very specialized. Most people are either still thinking of becoming professional fiction writers, or have already become professional fiction writers, but aren’t in that in-between phase where they’re in the process of changing lanes.

This group is specifically for changing lanes — for people who are serious about getting their writing done, edited, and published and could use some peer support as they’re doing it.

Many people are also interested in fiction writing as a way to express themselves or to work through personal issues. Both are very worthy goals, but the process of meeting those goals is different from the process of writing for a commercial audience.

I’m specifically looking for people interested in commercial writing, in being disciplined about meeting writing targets, about successfully meeting reader expectations, about promoting and marketing.

There are other groups out there focused on helping people become more creative, to help them express themselves better through their writing, and to improve core writing skills. There are also critique groups, where people meet to read each others’ writing.

My mastermind group will be focused specifically on setting and meeting goals related to becoming a successful speculative fiction author.

Normally, a mastermind group is two to six people, and it’s usually people you know. As I mentioned, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t happen to know many people who are in the process of becoming professional science fiction or fantasy authors.

So I’m making this an open invitation. If you come to a few of the meetings and hit it off with some of the other people there, you can spin off your own smaller mastermind group, or this group might evolve into a small, private mastermind group.

With a big public mastermind group, there’s a limit to how much you can share. With a small, private group, there’s a circle of trust. I’ve been in groups that have met for years, and we develop a deep understanding of each other’s work and can provide really solid support.

Group description

Meeting: Weekly, on Sunday afternoon US east coast time, via Google Meet, in English, for one to two hours.

Each person talks for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of people in the group, on the following points:

Previous goal: What were you going to accomplish last week? How did you do? What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome them?

Questions: What do you need help with?

Here, other people in the group can suggest some possible solutions.

Show and tell: Have you read an interesting book or blog post about writing or the writing business, or found an interesting podcast? Did you have a story or book published that you’d like to share? Share the links with the group.

Next goal: What are you going to accomplish this week? What is your plan for doing it? What is your backup plan? What is your second backup plan? And what is your third backup plan?

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Contact me

If you’re interested in joining, or in learning more, email me at terry@terryanders.com.